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 Ecosystem Problems Set I


Bio-geochemical Cycles 
Quiz I

Problem set I

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Energy Calculation 
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Human Ecology  
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Population Dynamics 
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I. The archaeologists, McAndrews and Boyko, reported on the pollen profile found at a site by Crawford Lake. Before the Iroquoians migrated into the area, the pollen record consists of mostly maple and beech with some oak, elm, and birch. After the Iroquoians left, white pine and oak pollen predominated. Account for these observations.

II. The following terms all relate to one of the cycles of an ecosystem. For each, indicate the cycle which they affect and the role they play in the cycle.

A. Urea
B. Photosynthesis
C. Transpiration
D. Protein synthesis
E. Root nodule bacteria

III. Explain four different ways in which bacteria participate in the recycling of nitrogen in the biosphere.