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94' SBIOA Exam


93 Exam 
Part A: M/C
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94 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B: Essay Questions

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Part A: Multiple Choices(con't)

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51.        The process by which water vapour is lost from the exposed parts of plants is called:


            a.         respiration.

            b.         transcription.

            c.         *ans*transpiration.

            d.         respiration.

            e.         guttation.


52.        The flattened membranous sacs which form the grana within many chloroplasts are called


            a.         reaction centres.

            b.         carotenoids.

            c.         photosystems.

            d.         *ans*thylakoids.

            e.         stroma.


53.        If the membrane structure inside a chloroplast breaks down, the part of photosynthesis most likely to be affected would be the


            a.         production of oxygen.

            b.         absorption of light.

            c.         *ans*production of ATP.

            d.         oxidation of chlorophyll.

            e.         activation of accessory pigments.


54.        The ultimate source of energy for photophosphorylation is


            a.         substrate level phosphorylation.

            b.         oxidative phosphorylation.

            c.         light and oxidative phosphorylation.

            d.         *ans*light.

            e.         substrate level and oxidative phosphorylation.


55.        The light-dependent reaction of photosynthesis is marked by the


            a.         production of ATP, carbon dioxide and reducing power.

            b.         *ans*production of NADPH+H+ and ATP.

            c.         reduction of oxygen and the production of NADPH+H+

            d.         reduction of carbon dioxide and the release of oxygen.

            e.         the fixation of carbon dioxide with the energy of ATP.


56.        In the Calvin (C3) cycle of the light‑independent ("dark") reactions of photosynthesis, the immediate source of energy for the fixing of carbon dioxide is


            a.         hydrogen ions.

            b.         light.

            c.         water molecules.

            d.         photolysis.

            e.         *ans*ATP.


57.             Respiration in green plants takes place


            a.         only when photosynthesis stops.

            b.         only in the cells which do not contain chlorophyll.

            c.         only during the day time.

            d.         *ans*all of the time.

            e.         only during the night time.

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