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 Ecology Test V


Bio-geochemical Cycles 
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Ecology Test 
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Energy Calculation 
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Human Ecology  
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Population Dynamics 
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  1. What three factors typically modulate the population of a species?
  2. Give an example of parasitism.
  3. Acute diseases have the characteristics of rapid onset and brief duration, followed by likely survival if treated. How does this relate to the density-dependency of the disease?
  4. Name 5 different things which affect the carrying capacity of the globe, as it directly concerns humans.
  5. In the late 1700's there was a potato (Dan) famine where the potato crop was infected with a potato virus. As a result many thousands of people starved to death. 
    a) Why did this happen?
    b) What should have the Irish done (or have done) to prevent this.
  6. Describe two reasons why the sterile male technique is "environmentally friendly".