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Human Ecology Quiz 3


Bio-geochemical Cycles 
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Energy Calculation 
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  1. For each of the three major revolutions, give an example of how the birth rates and death rates may have been influenced.


    Revolution Birth Rate Death Rate
    Agricultural decreased B.R. - Because there was no Johnny Carson on TV yet, people went to bed because they were tired, and therefore fell asleep more quickly Decreased death rate - Because the car wasn't invented yet, there were no car accidents.
  2. What is meant by "sustainable yield"? How would it apply to forestry?
  3. How do the nations of (once) Russia compare to the developed nations on a energy per capita consumption basis?
  4. How is wine linked to genetic diversity?
  5. What is the major cause of the greenhouse effect?
  6. What is the major cause of the ozone hole?
  7. Give an example of a eutrophied river. Explain how the eutrophication could have been avoided.
  8. The city of London needs more water. One group suggested we get the water from Lake Huron. Another suggested we get it from Lake Erie. On the basis of health, which would you recommend? Why?
  9. What effect does pH have on a certain very important type of soil bacteria?