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Population Dynamics Quiz 6


Bio-geochemical Cycles 
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Energy Calculation 
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Population Dynamics 
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  1. Algae are one-celled plants which act exactly like "big" plants except that since they are only one cell big. Most very small animals eat algae as a source of food.
    a) What basic assumption makes any exponential growth flawed?
    b) The alage in my aquarium are reproducing at a rate of .08 per day. Currently, there are 100 cells/cm2. When will there be 400 cells/cm2?
  2. What is the ZPG for humans right now?
  3. The typical predator prey curve is a sequence of J-curves. A government biologist, Patsy, claims to have found way by which the preys population can be made sigmoidal. What might the idea be?
  4. Sketch and label the three population pyramids. 
  5. For the pyramids above, which best represents a preys (such as earthworms) profile? Explain your logic.