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 Energy Calculation Quiz 1


Bio-geochemical Cycles 
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Energy Calculation 
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1. Two hundred 200 kJ of sunlight energy is travelling towards the earth at the speed of light. 
a) When they reach the earth, into what five processes will the energy go? 
b) Beside each process, state the approximate amount of energy (kJ) that would "go into" that process.

2. State the 2 Laws of Thermodynamics.

3. What are two common types of "low quality" energy?

4. How many kJ of human would 100 000 kJ of alfalfa support, assuming cows eat alfalfa and we eat cows?

5. A certain alfalfa ecosystem uses chemical energy at a rate of 100 kJ/m2d. It stores 150 kJ/m2d.
a) What is the daily productivity of 1 m2 of this system?
b) How many kJ of energy could 40 000 m2 of this ecosystem produce in one day?