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95' SBIOA Exam


93 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B: Short Answers
Part C: Essay Question

94 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B: Essay Questions

95 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B:
Part C:
Part D:

97 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B:
Part C:
Part D:


PART A:  Multiple Choice.  Answer all the following.  [1 mark each].

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21 .             Respiration in green plants takes place


            a . only when photosynthesis stops.

            b . only in the cells which do not contain chlorophyll.

            c . only during the day time.

            d . *ans*all of the time.

            e . only during the night time.


22 .        Black flies reproduce at a rate of 23% every day.  Initially there are 200 black flies.  How many flies will there be in 21 days?


            a . less than 200

            b . 200

            c . 200 to 1000

            d . 1000 to 10 000

            e . more than 10 000


23 .        Moths, as in the forest-tent caterpillars, exhibit:


            a . J-curve growth cycles.

            b . Sigmoidal shaped growth cycles.

            c . K shaped growth cycles.

            d . Capacity Level shaped cycles.

            e . none of the above.


24 .        Which of the following portions of functional groups will NOT H-bond?


            a . C-H

            b . O-H

            c . C=O

            d . S-H

            e . N-H


25 .        Four of the following are groups of amino acids.  One is not.  Which is not a grouping of amino acids?


            a . positively charged polar

            b . positively charged

            c . negatively charged

            d . neutral, non-polar

            e . neutral, polar


26 .        In a yeast cell starved of oxygen gas, pyruvate undergoes:

            a . aerobic redcution to lactic acid

            b . anaerobic reduction lactic acid

            c . aerobic reduction to ethanol

            d . anaerobic redcution to ethanol


27 .        The average temperate-climate forest stores 5000 kcal/m2 of energy per day.  (5000 kcal/m2day).  How much food energy would be stored in a forest in a 200 day growing season?

            a . 200 kcal

            b . 125 000 kcal

            c . 25 000 000 kcal

            d . 50 000 000 00 kcal

            e . cannot be calculated


28 .        An example of a monosaccharide is


            a . sucrose.

            b . cellulose.

            c . glycogen.

            d . *correct*glucose.

            e . maltose.


29 .        Some water, a small amount of soil, a few green aquatic plants and a fish were placed in a large bottle. The bottle was sealed to prevent the exchange of gases and other materials between its contents and the outside.  The bottle was placed in a window to receive light during the daytime.  Is carbon dioxide produced by the plants?


            a . *correct*Yes, it is produced all the time as a result of cellular respiration.

            b . Yes, but it is produced only at night when the plants can no longer carry on photosynthesis.

            c . No, it is a waste product of animals only.

            d . No, plants take in only the waste products exhaled by animals.

            e . No, plants only produce oxygen.


30 .        The process by which messenger RNA is synthesized from a DNA template is called:


            a . replication.

            b .*correct* transcription.

            c . translocation.

            d . transpiration.

            e . translation.


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