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94' SBIOA Exam


93 Exam 
Part A: M/C
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94 Exam 
Part A: M/C
Part B: Essay Questions

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Part A: Multiple Choices(con't)

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41.        If the base sequence in DNA is AATCGG, what is the sequence of the complementary chain?


            a.         TTGCAA

            b.         CCATUU

            c.         *correct* TTAGCC

            d.         UUAGCC

            e.         TTUGCC


42.        The process by which the anticodons on the transfer RNA molecules match their complementary codons on the messenger RNA molecules is called


            a.         transcription.

            b.         transpiration.

            c.         t*correct*ranslation.

            d.         replication.

            e.         translocation.


43.        During translation, a transfer RNA (tRNA) molecule is associated with


            a.         *correct*an amino acid, a messenger RNA molecule and a ribosome.

            b.         an amino acid, a DNA molecule, and a ribosome.

            c.         an amino acid molecule, a DNA molecule, and a ribosome.

            d.         a DNA molecule, a messenger RNA molecule, and a ribosome.

            e.         an amino acid, a ribosome, and a nucleolus.


44.        During the synthesis of proteins in cells, coded information is carried from the nucleus to the ribosomes by


            a.         transfer RNA.

            b.         amino acids.

            c.         ribosomal RNA.

            d.         part of a strand of DNA.

            e.         *correct*messenger RNA.


45.             Haemophilia is expressed in the phenotype by


            a.         females only.

            b.         males only.

            c.         *correct* females, rarely.

            d.         females, usually.

            e.         males and females equally.


46.        In green pea plants, tallness is dominant over dwarfness, and yellow seeds are dominant over green.  If a fully heterozygous tall plant with yellow seeds were crossed with a dwarf plant bearing green seeds, the phenotype ratio of the offspring would be


            a.         *correct* 1:1

            b.         1:1:1:1

            c.         3:1

            d.         9:3:3:1

            e.         all tall plants with yellow seeds


47.        If a colour blind man and a woman who is a carrier of colour blindness have a son, what are the chances that their son will be colour blind?


            a.         0

            b.         25%

            c.         *correct* 50%

            d.         75%

            e.         100%


48.        A farmer bought a bull that was said to be homozygous hornless.  To be sure that this statement was true, he performed a test cross between the bull and a horned cow. If the bull were indeed homozygous hornless, the offspring from the testcross would be


            a.         in a ratio of 3 horned to 1 hornless

            b.         all horned

            c.         half horned, half hornless

            d.         in a ratio of 3 hornless to 1 horned

            e.         a*correct*ll hornless


49.        If all four possible blood types are represented in the offspring of the same parents, the phenotypes of the parents must be


            a.         both type AB

            b.         both type O

            c.         type AB and type O

            d.         *correct* type A and type B

            e.         type B and type O


50.        Four of the following are features of the process of  meiosis and only one is a feature of mitosis. Which one is  a feature of mitosis?


            a.         Crossing over occurs.

            b.         *correct* Daughter cells are genetically identical.

            c.         Tetrad formation takes place.

            d.         Two divisions occur before the process is complete.

            e.         Homologous chromosomes come together and synapse.  

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